Sara Palmieri is a visual artist using photography to question the non-visible aspects of reality, that she tries to represent through a process of time and parts, memories and intuitions, the unconscious and revelations, fragments and recompositions. In her work images are a starting point, portion of a perceived reality then reassembled in a in a new hypothesis of reality through a metaphysical representation, that strives to break the boundaries of what is perceived as real letting what is unseen emerge. Her creative process is a sort of meditation, where time and space are both the working instruments and the investigated objects. It’s about accepting the caos, the unseen, the unpredictable, time as a flow and a circle, space as a projection of self, being alive as a ‘here and now’.
She received a degree in Architecture from La Sapienza in Rome in 2005 and she worked for years as a set and interior designer. In 2015/2016 she took part to the first ISSP International Masterclass with Aaron Schuman. In 2016 her selfpublished book La plume plongea la tête was awarded the Marco Bastianelli Prize for Best Italian Self-published book, and shortlisted for Self Publish Riga, Gazebook Photobook Festival, Encontros da Imagem and The Book's Space at Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma. She has exhibited her work worldwide in festivals and galleries, among them Matèria Gallery in Rome (2018), Fotohaus ParisBerlin Gallery in Arles, France (2017), Focus Photography Festival in Mumbai, India (2017), Landskrona Fotofestival, Sweden (2016), Nopx Gallery in Turin (2016), Obscura Festival, Penang Malaysia (2015), Wuho Gallery, Los Angeles (2013). Her work has been published in various print & online publications, including The British Journal of Photography, Photoworks Annual, Gup magazine, Yogurt magazine, Thisispaper, Wittykiwy, The Huffington Post, Blacklie Vol.II. Recently her work Scenario has been included in A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, book published in October 2017 by Fuego Books. 

.born and based in Rome, Italy.


2015-2016  ISSP International Masterclass with Aaron Schuman

2005  Master’s degree in Architecture, La Sapienza, Rome

2002-2003  Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-La Villette, Paris

Selected Exhibitions


Through the book(s), Fotoleggendo Festival, Leporello, Rome

La Forma del Silenzio, solo show, Matèria Gallery, Rome

Traces of red on a white cloth, Ospedale SS.Annunziata, Chieti, Italy

Traces of red on a white cloth, Palazzo Fibbioni, L'Aquila, Italy

Printville, Artefiera, Bologna, Italy

Spine, Bari, Italy


Errance Blanche, Fotohaus ParisBerlin, Arles, France

Traces of red on a white cloth, La città delle donne, Conversano (Bari)

COSA, 001 Gallery, Fotoleggendo Festival, Rome, Italy

Autobiography as Memory, Focus Photography Festival, Mumbai, India


Memories/no Memories, Deaphotoexpo, Villa Vogel, Florence, Italy

Interno 3, Diy, Rome, Italy

Mindscape, Castelnuovo Fotografia Festival, Castello Rocca Colonna, Castelnuovo Di Porto, Rome, Italy

Memories/no Memories, Rosignano Foto Festival, Castiglioncello, Livorno, Italy

HD Photo Salon, Landskrona Fotofestival, Landskrona, Sweden

Author Book Award Exhibition, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France

The White Gloves Corner, Le Boudoir 2.0, Arles, France

Self Publish Riga, Riga Photomonth, Riga, Latvia

A process 2.0 by Der Greif, Krakow Photomonth, Krakow, Poland

Final Results ISSP International Masterclass Exhibition, Kuldiga Art House, Kuldiga, Latvia

Nopx International Artist Book Contest 2016 Exhibition, Nopx Gallery, Torino, Italy


The Book’s space - Little Big Press, Fotografia-Festival Internazionale di Roma, Macro, Rome, Italy

El Book Fair, Encontros da Imagem International Photography Festival, Braga, Portugal

Hidden/Intimate slideshow, Obscura Festival, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Rotaract charity, S.Salvatore in Lauro Museums, Rome, Italy

First Results ISSP International Masterclass Exhibition, Kuldiga Art House, Kuldiga, Latvia


2014-2016  Zines of the Zone Road Trip, Traveling Pop-up Library across Europe

2014  Domina 23, Palazzo Ziino, Palermo, Italy

2013  Worlds of CityVision, Wuho Gallery, Los Angeles CA, Usa

2013  Percorsi Atemporali, Obbiettivo Donna Festival, Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy

2012  Female Cut, Obbiettivo Donna Festival, Lanificio, Rome, Italy

2012  Mercati Generali, Teatro Eliseo, Rome, Italy

2012  Shooting from inside I, slideshow, Tuttomarmo, Rome, Italy

2011  Desperate Housewifes + Una nessuna centomila by Camera21, Obbiettivo Donna, Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy

2009  Quotidiana Genazzano, Palazzo Valentini, Rome, Italy 



2018  Full Contact Award, SCAN Tarragona, shortlisted

2017  ALT.Res NAHR Residency, Taleggio Valley, Italy

2016  Premio Marco Bastianelli, Best Italian Self-published book – winner

2016  Self Publish Riga – shortlisted

2016  Issp International Masterclass third residency, Kuldiga, Latvia

2016  Gazebook Sicily Photobook Festival – selected

2015  Nopx International Artist Book contest – shortlisted

2015  The Book’s Space – Little Big Press, Fotografia Festival Rome - shortlisted

2015  Call for Books Encontros da Imagem International Photography Festival – shortlisted

2015  Issp International Masterclass second residency, Braga, Portugal

2015  Photoworks Annual Issue 22 - selected

2015  Issp International Masterclass first residency, Kuldiga, Latvia

2013  Fotoleggendo Festival – honorable mention

2013  Obbiettivo Donna Festival - selected



A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, published by Fuego Books, 2017

La plume plongea la tête Special Edition, self-published and handmade artist book, 2016

La plume plongea la tête, self-published and handmade artist book, 2015

M., self-published artist book, 2015


Selected Publications/Online Features

Scenario on The British Journal of Photography - December Issue, 2018

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange on The PhotoBook Journal

La Forma del Silenzio on Artribune

La Forma del Silenzio on Collezione da Tiffany

Scenario on Yogurt Magazine

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange on Gup Magazine

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange on Dispara

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange on Humble Arts Foundation NY

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange on FlakPhoto best 15 books of 2017

Scenario on Thisispaper Magazine

Scenario on Phases Magazine

Blacklie. Book Vol.II, published by Limesimages, 2016

L’autoritratto nella fotografia Contemporanea Vol.II, published by Rubettino Editore, 2016

Colin Pantall’s Blog, 2016

gabrielacendoyablog, 2016

The Kiosk of Democracy, 2016

Funzilla Fest website, 2016

Memories/ No Memories website, 2016

Photoworks Annual Issue 22, 2015

WittyKiwy Magazine #4 Issue, 2015

3/3 The Book’s Space Interviews, 2015

Zines of the Zone website and blog, 2014 – today

Obbiettivo Granieri – photographer of the month, 2013

Obbiettivo Donna Festival – Exhibition Catalogue, 2013

The Huffington Post, 2013

La, 2013, 2013

ArtAPartOfColture, 2013, 2013

Obbiettivo Donna Festival – Festival Catalogue, 2011

Metamorfosi magazine n.56

Masterclasses/Workshops taken

Lina Pallotta, The Carbonar*Box I + Shooting from inside I
3/3*Chiara Capodici & Fiorenza Pinna, book design
Vanessa Winship
Anders Petersen
Leonie Hampton
Camera 21



2018  L’immagine oltre il visibile: la percezione che crea, class at Officine Fotografiche Roma

2018  Through the book(s) presentation and talk, Fotoleggendo Festival, Leporello, Rome

2018  Workshop Images beyond the visible: The creative perception, for In-Between Shores, Artist-in-Residence by Ardesia Projects, Jest and Witty Kiwi, Daverio (VA), Italy

2017-today Funzilla Festival, planning and production team

2017  Curatorship of Where the Crows Would Have Sung, Elton Gllava Exhibition at Castelnuovo Fotografia 2017, Italy

2017  Curatorship of Where the Crows Would Have Sung, Elton Gllava Solo Exhibition at Fotoleggendo Festival 2017, Rome, Italy

2017  Lecture/performance with Ulla Deventer, Carolle Benitah, Mika Sperling, LeBoudoir2.0, Arles, France

2017  Curatorship of Dall'interno exhibition, Funzilla Festival

2016  Book launch and talk with Lina Pallotta, Castelnuovo Fotografia Festival

2016  Memories/ No Memories project presentation, Castelnuovo Fotografia Festival

2016  Book launch and talk, Gazebook Sicily Photobook Festival

2016  ICF Italy, talk Create your image as a coach

2015-today  Teaching photography as a metaphor to develop personal and professional potential, in collaboration with coaching trainers, for individual or companies (clients: Tiger, Bricofer, State Street Bank among others).

2013-today  Co-founder and member of RVP Cultural Association for photography diffusion, Rome, Italy