Handmade and self published art book.

First Edition of 50 copies signed & numbered. 
Photography and design © sara palmieri
105 x 150 mm / Semi-transparent soft cover.
Enclosed in a handmade cardboard box.
Paper: Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum White gr.120
Date of publication: 2015

‘La plume plongea la tête’ explores the concept of costant dualism of life, among the human search of the absolute invisible to the eyes, and the reality as we see it. Among the elevation and the fall, the strength that holds us anchored to the ground and the desire of escape. 
Inspired by the writings and the symbolism of Mallarmé, 'la plume plongea la tête' is a sentence drawn by his 'Herodiade'.
The feather (la plume) symbolizes metaphysically the human life in its slow but continuous to circle around a virtual axle, a thin fracture, showing its two faces of light and obscurity. Started out as part of the deepening process of the work, this book is a dialogue between my images and the symbolisms found in Mallarmé's poetry. The system of the book allows to discover the pictures inside it step by step, as well as its mechanics and content: some images are hidden, you discover them later. The reading is subjective, it can be vertical or horizontal, as in Mallarmé's poetry, and the approach to the images can be various and mutable, as the message that arrives. The whole work of Mallarmé is aimed at a single search: to experiment 'new arrangements', using entirely the physiognomy of the words, the syntactic juxtapositions, the sounds of the sentence.
"The absolute has no borders, it is horizontal, it's vertical (...). It is the empty, the essence of the reality purified of the rationality and the bonds, it's a white page. In the white, in the silence, it's possible to graze the absolute one." 
(Stéphane Mallarmé) 

Premio Marco Bastianelli 2016_Best italian self-published book_winner 
Self Publish Riga 2016, Riga Latvia_shortlisted
8+20 books for The Book’s Space, Fotografia Festival 2015, Rome_selected
Call for Books Encontros da Imagem International Photography Festival, Braga_shortlisted

Author Book Award Exhibition, Les rencontres d'Arles 2016
'The white gloves' corner at LeBoudoir2.0, Le Local, Arles
Self Publish Riga 2016 Exhibition, Riga Latvia
Little Big Press: The Book’s Space Exhibition, Fotografia Festival 2015, Rome
El Book Fair, Encontros da Imagem International Photography Festival, Braga

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